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Our tiered pricing structure is crafted to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses at different stages.

Solopreneur & Small Business
For 1099 contractors, self employed & simple operations.
Who it's for:
Low levels of complexity
Simple Tax Planning
Small Business or 1099 Contractor
What's Included:
Year-end Tax Returns
Tax Reduction Planning
Bookkeeping Services
Payroll Service
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Growing Business
For 2-5 employee small businesses with mid-level complexities.
Who it's for:
Mid-levels of complexity
Mid-levels of Tax Planning
Increased transactions and numbers of accounts
More staffing
2-5 Employees
What's Included:
Everything from Solopreneur
Quarterly Meetings
Increased complexity and operations
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Established Business
For higher complexity small business and medium sized business.
Who it's for:
Higher levels of complexity
Higher levels of Tax Planning
More accounts, transactions and complexities
Staff alternative
What's Included:
Everything from Growing
Increased meetings and financial guidance
Larger operations with greater needs
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